We will email / text you with upcoming events, deals & discounts a few times a month.   You will also have a chance to WIN a HUB CLUB VIP - NO COVER- WEEKEND PASS FOR THE YEAR!  



The Elite Vinyl Nite has been Revived!

BYOV - Bring your own Vinyl... and our DJ will spin it for you! 

Dust off that ol' collection and lets bring it back to life.

Swag prizes sponsored by The Groove Yard!

Hosted by DJ Leeson & Friends.  7-9 (ish) pm


Mondays are game night at The Hub! (well any night really.. but Monday's is a quieter night to gather with friends).

Join us for a casual setting, and some amical games. We have chess, cribbage, backgammon, foosball, card against humanity, things in a box, and other games to enjoy.  


DJ Oddli will be hosting every Tuesday night at The Hub! Karaoke at 8pm

Buckets of Corona $22- Shots of Tequila $5- & our delicious Moonshine Margaritas are $1 off - 

Tuesday is also Taco Tuesday, $5 per taco until 11pm. Come try our delicious new tacos: Beef or Chicken Birria, Baja cod, Chicken, or the vegetarian Taco Vedura.

Wed. June 19th

Tristan Telle - 

Tristan Telle plays a mix of originals and covers, offering a familiar chill vibe to the night.  He has hosted Open Mic Nights and enjoys supporting the arts in our community.    730pm - No cover.

Thursday, June 20th


Hosted by DJ SHAKES! 

Let's two step!  

This month we welcome DJ SHAKES to rock the night, country style! Save a Horse.. Ride a Cowboy, Play something country, Country Girl (Shake it for me)... He'll be playing all your favorites!    

It's also $2 RIB NITE (3-11pm)  - Come early and grab a bucket of bones!  

NO COVER -   9pm to midnight!   Let's dance ! 

June 21st & 22nd

Mama Wheelie

You've seen these Penticton locals here before!    Party tunes all night long!   Listen to Mama and you will for surely be on the dance floor!

$10 cover at the door -   9pm start! 

Mid week Music - June 26th


Shalisa ladies and gentlemen!! She's the lead singer in one of our favorite bands, Crush XO. Tonight she plays solo. Just a girl and her guitar.. and a killer sound system!   

Prawn & Wing Nite - $9.95  3pm-11pm  

7:30pm.  Free entry.

June 27th

The Hip Replacements

Come and see the full Tragically Hip experience with this phenomenal tribute band. As the ultimate Hip fans, these professional musicians are celebrating 20 years of playing sold-out shows across Western Canada.

Click For Tickets

June 28th & 29th 


Five guys got together for an evening with one goal in mind “to make great music!” The level of passion, energy, enthusiasm, experience, and talent that showed up that night far exceeded anything anyone expected. And so, Headway was born. They cover a wide variety of styles from Country, Prog-Rock, Hair metal and even R&B. This group is sure to play the songs that will warm your hearts, fill your souls, and make you want to get up and dance. 

They've been here before, This ultimate cover band, that will have you dancing. 

All. Night. Long! 

9pm to 1am - $10 at the door.



Vancouver's Premiere Kiss Tribute band

Come rock out at The HUB with Vancouver's Premiere Kiss Tribute Band. Join us for a night of classic hits and unforgettable performances. Get ready to experience the energy and excitement of a live Kiss show right here in Penticton!

Ticket's available on Eventbrite $20 in advance and $25 at the door.

Buy tickets here 

Mid Week Music - July 3rd

Mandy Cole

Okanagan vocalists and singer-songwriter, creates a powerfully honest, simple and heartfelt, listening experience for her audiences.

Stay tuned for the release of her first full-length Canadiana album, "The Wild" set to be released in early 2024. This album is entirely an independent art production in partnership with some of the very best musicians / artists in the South Okanagan Valley.


8pm - 10pm - No Cover

Thursday, July 4th 

Scarred Soul Empire

Out of the ashes; like the Phoenix - this is almost a mantra for the eclectic mix of musicians - We are Scarred Soul Empire ~ Join us, It's time to rock!

$10 at the door - Music at 9pm

July 5th & 6th

Get Chico

This local band features musicians from Kelowna and Penticton.     You'll be on the dance floor, with current and classic rock hits.    This Female lead singer that can bust out some vocals !   They are a fairly new band, creating a buzz everywhere they go.

$10 cover at the door  

Mid Week Music - July 10th


If funky-folk had a fling with jazzy-soul, NICO would be the musical love child.  He has been writing, recording and performing since puberty and performing throughout Europe, Pubs, Festivals and everything in between.  Nico loves to combine his originals with smooth old tunes from the 70's that will make you want to shake what your Mama gave you.

8 - 10pm - no cover

Thursday, July 11th

Country Night,


Alton Dean and his band are well known for their captivating country music style. Working independently, this group never fails to satisfy the listeners, invoking true emotions in their hearts and living up to the expectations of the audience with their creative soundscape.  

Playing a mix of covers and originals.. it's going to be a Party!  

Give Them A Listen! 

Tickets $15 @ the door. 

July 12th & 13th

The Young'uns

The Young'uns have been performing all over Western Canada for 33 years as of Oct 2022. 

Brad Krauza and Tim Reardon, along with several drummers over the years, have become a staple part of the Thompson/Okanagan Music Scene, performing at weddings to pubs and festivals almost every weekend of the year and have been well known as one of the busiest and hardest working cover bands in the Thompson/Okanagan. 

The Young'Uns will have you on the dance floor with cover tunes from Pearl Jam, The Hip, Bruno Mars and even some country covers by Luke Bryan and Big & Rich! Let's have some fun!

Tim Reardon - Guitar/Vocals

Brad Krauza - Bass/Vocals

Matt Rands - Drums/Vocals 

$10 Cover at the door - 9pm

Wed. July 17th

ARI Neufeld

Ari Neufeld is a self-made one man band, playing guitar, piano, banjo while singing and keeping time through an amplified stompbox, with ethnic beads, nuts and bells strapped to his body. His performance covers a variety of genres from folk to pop, to new country, to rhythmic soul, to rock but it is what he likes to coin as “Full Contact Folk”. It’s a vibrant blend of beat, melody and humor. Prepare to be inspired.  

8pm-10pm    No Cover

Thursday, July 18th

Daring Greatly - back in Canada!

Daring Greatly is a band that defies easy categorization. Their unique blend of rock and country influences has crafted a sound that's both familiar and fresh, and sure to leave an impression on anyone who hears it. These boys from California will have you begging for more!

Check out their website www.daring-greatly.com/


July 19th & 20th

Mama Wheelie

You've seen these Penticton locals here before!    Party tunes all night long!   Listen to Mama and you will for surely be on the dance floor!

$10 cover at the door -   9pm start! 

Sunday, July 21st


The Bandidos - All the way from PV

Come join us for a night of live music with The Bandidos at The Hub on Martin! Get ready to dance and sing along to their energetic tunes straight from Puerto Vallarta. This in-person event is not to be missed! Grab your friends and come enjoy some great music in a fun and lively atmosphere. See you there!


August 9th & 10th

Satellite Nites

Satellite Nites are a 3-piece Canadian Multi style classic rock and Pop band from Kelowna, BC Canada. 

These guys know how to rock! Dallas is the lead singer for High Voltage (AC/DC) Cover Band. In Satellite nites he rocks the drums and vocals. These three will get you on the dance floor.  Reservations welcome up until 8pm.

$10 cover at the door.  9pm

Thursday, August 15th


The Hillside Outlaws! 

You know these guys! We love these guys! Finally back on The Hub stage! It's going to be a party!

It's also $2 RIB NITE (3-11pm) - Come early and grab a bucket of bones! 

$10 at the door -  9pm to midnight! Let's dance! 



This dynamic TRIO is basically the most random playlist on your Spotify, but people.  These talented musicians from the North Okanagan will have you on your feet all night long

$10 cover at the door

Mid Week Music -

Josh Smith

Josh is a singer, song writer from Kelowna, BC. Let's chill out mid week and listen to his original music. Check out his music here.    

7:30pm.  No cover-

Edgar Cal  

The Bumwrap Fashion Show - AFTER PARTY 

DJ NIGHT !   9pm to LATE ! 

IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND!! And we've brought Lucky Monkey in to party with us!! Lucky Monkey is a Rock Band from Kelowna, that blends the soul of old-school 70’s rock with the energy and polish of the 21st Century to create music to speak to fans both new and old.  

$10 cover at the door - Music at 9

High Voltage

Come on down and get ready to be THUNDERSTRUCK while getting SHAKEN ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!  See you on the dance floor! 

Tickets $25 on Eventbrite

Linus featuring KINGA !  

LINUS has been around for approximately 14 years and a few different versions with the lineup of players but always consistent with the passion to bring great musicians together for some incredible nights of live music.

$10 cover at the door

Hailing from Penticton and Summerland B.C., Jack and Jill have been bringing down the house at various private parties, events, festivals and ski hills all over British Columbia for the past five years. Jack and Jill comes to rock with sets lists that include a wide variety of rock and roll music from the 70’ 80’s 90’s to now. The dance floor will be cutting loose to covers ranging from ZZ Top and No Doubt to Green Day and Queen.

$10 Cover at the door - 9pm

Andre Pettipas and The GIANTS

All the way from Nova Scotia !! With their take no prisoners live performances, stellar musicianship, and habit of finding grist for the songwriting mill in everything from southern rock to prog and pop. Andre Pettipas and The Giants are a rarity - an act who absolutely refuse to let anything take the fun out of their creative process  performances on record or on stage, and with absolutely no fear of stopping outside the box to get their message across.   

The HARSHMellows

The Harshmellows are a local band from the Central Okanagan.  These guys play everything from the Doobie Brothers , CCR, Finger Eleven to the Wallflowers, Crowded House, and the list goes on, and on.  They will have you dancing the whole night long!

9pm - $10 Cover

Somber Seas

A Musical Voyage.    Electronic, Indy, Rock &  DISCO !!!  Duo Jackie & Shadoe bring the sparkle and the retro electronic vibes !  Get your Disco Threads On and join us on the dance floor ! 

Click For Tickets

You Tube Link 

The Stage Pilots

The Stage Pilots are a 3 piece band from Vancouver featuring 3 lead singers, delivering fave classics with an injection of newer dance tunes.  Mike Kelly on Guitar/Vocals, Scott Young on Drums/Vocals and Paul Gibbons and Billy Mendoza on Bass.

$10 Cover

Crush XO 

This is one of the Okanagan’s newest cover bands, and they are making a huge name for themselves with their music and energy, that they bring to every gig they do!   Come check them out, we know you'll love them!

$10 cover at the door. - 9pm

Black of Hearts

Rock n' Roll from Summerland, BC .    Known for catchy melodies, supreme musicianship and packed dance floors.   They play original music with raw driving energy spanning many gentres of rock.   The ebb and flow of the their music takes the audience on a ride to hell and back again, with sweet licks and Rock n' Roll kicks !   

Check them out HERE ! 

Beamer Wigley

Rising young country music man!   Beamer is adding to the night with some live music during our Stash Bash Shave Off!   There will be music, axe throwing, and on stage shaves, fundraising for our local hospital.  No cover.  Music @ 7:30pm

Canadian Playboyz !

The Barrel Maker & BBQ

Join us for some Live Music.. and some good eats !   Music a little earlier than our regular shows !   Music and The Grill both fire up at 5pm -  $10 Cover at the door.   We will have Smoked Whisky BBQ Beef Sandwich with an apple coleslaw & fries for $20 - 


The Feels

The Okanagans Oddest Cover Band!   We'll take it!

These boys are back at it , and we are excited to have them on our stage!!! 

Music from 9pm to 1am - $10 Cover

Mid Week Music - 

Chayce Kennedy

Determined to empower other young women to discover and enjoy their own unique identity and purpose, Chayce exudes a contemporary pop energy through songs that are personal by nature and relatable in meaning. 

Music @ 730pm - no cover

Listen Here! 


Who doesn't love a Bus h Party !!  Playing 90's rock and more .. Come dance with us Friday & Saturday night.   

9pm - 1am  $10 Cover

Shawn Lightfoot Band !!!

All we canThis band is one of the most Notorious Party Bands in the Okanagan!  You will not be able to stay off of the dance floor!!!  Get in early to secure a spot, these boys have a huge following!

Dirt Road Kings

Let's get a little mud on our boots !!  The Dirt Road Kings are playing for the first time on The Hub Stage!!  Two nights of a little rock and a little country.

$10 cover at the door.  9pm

Aidan Mayes 

Local to Penticton, Aidan is a well known musician, teacher, singer, songwriter & artist.  We are blessed to have her on our stage for a night of complimentary acoustic music.   Relax and enjoy the sound of Aidan Mayes.  

Mount Rushka

All the way from Fernie, BC!    Mount Rushka pays homage to all the legends of Rock's past with a nostalgic, yet surprisingly fresh sound that’ll make you both shake your booty and pound your fist in the air. #DownRightRock 

$10 Cover at the door. 

Forty Food Fred

These guys rock the house every time they visit !   Let's get on the dancefloor!  90s to now cover tunes!

$10 Cover at the door. - 9pm

Three Quarter Crush

These guys play high-energy, upbeat rock, pop and country hits from the 70's - today.   These musicians are entertainers, and will have you on the dance floor all night long!

9pm - $10 cover

The Rockaholicks

The Rockaholicks are a 4 piece band, dedicated to high energy rock and roll.  Their repertiore spans from the 80's to 2000's.  These talented musicians will have you  shaking your stuff!

9pm - $10 Cover


WING NITE ALL DAY !!                       Tail Gate Smokies & More !!

$5 Pilsner ALL DAY !


Cobra Radio

Cobra Radio (named after the legendary CB Radios broadcasting sounds and connecting people), are a brand new 5 piece band from PENTICTON, BC!!   Playing everything from the 70's to 2000's, including The Beatles, Chris Stapleton, Sublime, Alice In Chains. Come support local music and hit the dance floor with us!   $10 cover at the door - Music at 9pm.

Find Cobra Radio on Facebook!